To provide the best customer service possible, please review this list of questions and answers before submitting a request for assistance.

I have forgotten my login or password to the Online Grant Education Center, what do I do?

Please use the email address that as used to signed up (in all lower case) as your user name, and the five digit zip code used when you signed up as your password. If this does not work, please use the Contact Us form below to send your request to our support department and we will respond using email with your login information.

How do I know if I will qualify for a grant?

Our services are designed to assist you in every way as you search out, locate, prepare, and apply for your free grant money. GrantAssist provides all of the necessary information required to accomplish your free grant money locating and application goals. We guarantee GrantAssist is the most comprehensive program - with all aspects of the free grant money application process covered using our system. As with any other project in life, if you are motivated and willing to work towards your free grant money goals, you will be rewarded with the free grant money to pursue your dreams.

Why is there a shipping charge?

The GrantAssist Kit is completely free. The only charge is a very minimal $2.97 to cover packaging and shipping costs. This is the only shipping charge associated with the free grant money Kit.

A very special bonus is included with your order: a 7 day FREE membership in the Online Grant Education Center. Please remember that the free grant membership in the Online Grant Education Center is a free trial and if not cancelled at the end of the 6th day you will be billed a small monthly access charge.

The Online Grant Education Center has constantly updated information about grant money sources and programs that are brand-new and updated as new grant money becomes available every day. This membership could pay for itself thousands of times over as you look for grant funding sources and secure your grant money! If you do not wish to cancel simply do nothing and you will be enrolled to receive the latest grant money sources available on the 'net. This Online Grant Education Center is optional and can be canceled at your discretion. You are not obligated to keep this grant money locating service - it is completely up to you.

How do I find the best grant for my personal needs?

Your first resource is the Free Grant Kit that you will receive after signing up. This kit contains all of the information necessary to teach you how to locate, recognize, plan for, and then apply for your grant.

The next resource is the Online Grant Education Center, which contains the most recent and up to date sources for free grant money available.

I do not have a credit card. Is there another way to pay?

Unfortunately GrantAssist is not able to accept any other means or form of payment. We do not accept pre-paid credit cards.

I would like to be contacted by a professional grant writer, can you help?

We would be more than happy to refer you to any one of many Grant Writers that we work with to help you get your free grant proposal written the right way the first time. Use the form below to submit a request to us and we will make sure your name and information is passed on to our free Grant Writing Partners.

I have received more email than I want from GrantAssist, how do I unsubscribe from your email list

We apologize for any inconvienence - we adhere to strict email standards which prohibit any communication with email addresses that have asked not to be contacted. Please use link at the very bottom of this page that says "unsubscribe" and you will be removed from all lists and will never be contacted again by GrantAssist.

Is it safe to submit my information via the internet?

Absolutely! GrantAssist uses the highest internet security available. All traffic is protected using the strongest SSL (secure socket layer) technology to ensure that all communications are encrypted using technology that would take a supercomputer thousands of years to decode. Our processes and procedures are audited by an outside party to make sure the highest and most current security measures are used and all data is safeguarded.

How long should I expect to wait to receive my free Grant Kit?

The expected shipping time is approximately 7 to 10 days using the US Mail. The maximum time for delivery is 15 business days. You do not need to wait for your free Grant Kit to arrive to get started. Start NOW - Access the Online Grant Education Center by clicking HERE.

If you have not received your free Grant Kit within 15 business days of ordering, please use the form below to contact a Customer Service Representative and they can re-ship to the billing address of your credit card.

I would like to cancel, what should I do?

HERE to be taken to the cancellation page.

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